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set the QDockWidget's postion to eh center of the parent QMainWindow.

  • i want to set the QDockWidget's postion to eh center of the parent QMainWindow.
    the QDockWidget is created in the QMainWindow's constrctor, but i found that the QMainWindow's position and size are Not Fixed until the is called.
    is there any way to avoid this?
    than you!

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    You can use a slot that you connect to a single shot timer that you fire at the end of your main window constructor.

  • a single shot ? is there any examples ?
    thank you

  • QTimer::singleShot(<interval>, <receiver>, <slot>)

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  • so what value should i set here : int msec... in my situation here

  • it seems that i should also put QMainWindow::showMaximized() in the QMainWindow's constructor, and before QTimer::singleShot(<interval>, <receiver>, <slot>)

    is it ok to put QMainWindow::showMaximized() in the QMainWindow's constructor, but not in the main.cpp ?

  • it's really bad, i just tested.
    i write like this at the end of the QMainWindow's constructor:
    QTimer::singleShot(0, this, SLOT(xxxx()));

    and in the xxxx(),
    i get the pos, and size
    the pos is (-8,-8), and size is (0,0)
    and the geometry i got is (0,23,1120,70) weired
    what is the normal way to center a window in the right Center of the QMainWindow?

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    class DockWidget : public QDockWidget {
        DockWidget(const QString& title, QWidget* parent) : QDockWidget(title, parent) {
            QTimer::singleShot(0, this, &DockWidget::centerInParent);
        void centerInParent() {
            if(isVisible() && parentWidget()) {
                auto g = geometry();

    The single shot timer will work only if the dock is shown immediately. Otherwise you can call centerInParent() at any time.
    And then, for example in the main window constructor:

    auto dock = new DockWidget("Foo", this);

    Another programmer using your widget should be able to create it hidden if he wishes to. Don't call show*() in the constructors.

  • really weired, i do this as u told.
    but the parent is still 1120 width, 700 height. it's not right, as i showMaximized after the mainWindow created.

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    What size should it have ?

  • bigger than 1120, my screen resolution.
    can i just get the screen resolution? and set the pos and size based on this for the QDock? i don't know if i can get the Right screen resolution in the MainWindow constructor...or the QDock's constructor
    thank you!

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    QDesktopWidget can give you these information

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