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[Solved] Account migration does not work with forum move.

  • Hi,
    I was using the forum before it was migrated and redesigned.
    Sadly afterwards I wasn't able to login any more. Using my e-mail and password doesn't work.
    Resetting my password also did not work as the e-mail never arrived. (It was not filtered for junk or spam)
    Might be that is because my e-mail address has a "+" in it.

    Now I created a new account with exact the same e-mail and it does work.
    Even so my old account does not have a long history it would be nice to merge new with old or be able to reuse the old account.

    My old Account(Kieren) was used here (http://forum.qt.io/topic/51894/very-strange-bugged-splitview-behavior) which was my last post strait before the migration and was maybe forgotten after the forum went back on line :/

    Would be nice to point me in the direction to get access to my old account.

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi,
    I'll contact you tomorrow by mail to get this sorted out.

  • For some magic reason 3mins after posting this my account was merged with the old one.
    Might be that I had to reload the account page.
    I tried to delete my post ...
    I'll mark it as solved.


  • Yes, same here. It appears that logging in via the registered email address for our 'user name' account does not work.
    Last week I could log in via my user name... but now it seems to be not possible.

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