Resize frameless window

  • sorry my clumsy english.
    i am a beginner of Qt.

    i am trying to resize the frameless window from left, right, top, down etc.

    there is the same question .but i do not fully understand..

    • Q1. In conclusion, if using the frameless window, can not be freely resized ?
    • Q2. if i want to do, i need to implement the resizing process using native WinAPI ?

    i glad simple english answers .
    thanks a lot.

  • Hello Shigeki!

    Frames are for resizing. A window without frames can not be resized. If you want to have a frameless window that can be resized you need to handle mouse clicks and mouse moves by yourself. You do not need the native WinAPI. You can do it all with Qt.

    Best regards

  • Hello Wieland .

    Thank you for the answer.
    Your writing is very readable.

    I'll try the advice.
    Thank you very much.

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