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[Solved] Initial Screen drawing area on iOS Bug?

  • found the reason:
    Screen.orientationUpdateMask: Qt.LandscapeOrientation | Qt.PortraitOrientation | Qt.InvertedLandscapeOrientation | Qt.InvertedPortraitOrientation
    was set to late in my code.

    Hi all,
    I'm running into a strange behaviour. When I start my application on iOS in landscape the Screen.orientation in my ApplicationWindow qml file returns 1 for portrait and related Screen.width and Screen.height calls return the values for portrait mode. The drawing area is than only the portrait width, so I get a dead area on the right side.
    Looks like the bug which was introduced with iOS8 and than fixed with 5.4. But this also appears on iOS7.x.
    Interesting thing is that within my main.cpp screen->availableGeometry().width()/height() return the correct values.
    After rotating the screen to portrait and back to landscape everthing is recognized correct.
    Does anyone knows anything about that behaviour?
    (using latest qt version)

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