[SOLVED]MAR WebSocket redirection

  • I continue in MAR development.

    Now I have issue about WebSocket redirection.
    Imagine situation, that I have very high loaded web application. I created several count of MAR servers for this with equal functionality.
    I want to create the server, that will monitor states of my MAR servers and will redirect new connection from clients to minimal loaded server. But from client will be exist only one server, client don't need to know about other servers.

    Can I create MAR servers for redirection of connections via WebSockets?

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    Each MAR application comes with load-balancer out-of-the-box. So you basicly need to create only one application and scale it. For example qtc-cli mar scale web=3 will scale you application web process to three instances and automatically load-balance between them (round-robin). This logic should be enough for most web applications.

  • @jakolehm Perfect!

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