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Why is Qt Assistant Duplicating my Section Titles ?

  • Qt 4.8.6 on Windows 7

    I’m using the simpletextviewer help example to work with my own Qt Assistant documentation collection.

    I compile my .qhp and .qhcp. I load the correct files from the folder I have setup.
    Everything works ok, I can use my own html files, but in the contents window it duplicates the first " Section Title" entry several times.

    I’ve tried everything I know, it acts like some global information/setting is causing this. But I simply don’t know.

    <section title="Simple Text Viewer" ref="index.html">
    <section title="Find File" ref="./findfile.html">
    <section title="File Dialog" ref="./filedialog.html"></section>
    <section title="Wildcard Matching" ref="./wildcardmatching.html"></section>
    <section title="Browse" ref="./browse.html"></section>
    <section title="Open File" ref="./openfile.html"></section>

    What I get is this in the contents window…

    Simple Text Viewer
    Simple Text Viewer
    Simple Text Viewer

    Even though it is listed only one time in my .qhp

    Why is it duplicating my title entries ?


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