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[SOLVED] Qt5.4.1 with qwt-6.1.2

  • Hi everybody,

    Recently i uninstall Qt5.4.0 and install Qt5.4.1.. After this i open a project (which includes some plots with qwt-6.1.1-svn) and i get two errors with QT_CONST, then i found that the qwt-6.1.2 version fixes this problem so i installed it. But even with the new version i get an error when debuging that i can't solve...

    *** Error in `/home/amg/QtProjects/Qt5/ahrs_libusb/bin/debug/ahrs_libusb': realloc(): invalid pointer: 0x00007ffff611b0e0 ***

    My surprise is that if i change again on my .pro file the qwt include paths by the old version (qwt-6.1.1-svn) then it works, but if i execute "clean project" and i build again off course i get again the error with QT_CONST. So looks like i need some mix between the old and new version to make working my project again.

    Have anyone got any problem realted with this before? I waste many hours with this so any suggestion will be grateful. I want to update to the Qt5.4.1 version to check if the Qt3D works. What i know from the previous Qt version is that the 3D module was undergoing a major rewrite.


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    Are you sure that Qwt and Qt are built with the same compiler ?

    For the Qt3D module you'll need the current Qt 5 dev branch aka 5.5

  • Amazing! I do not know what I would do without your help jejeje

    About the Qt5.5, How safety it is? I mean, Do you recomend to wait until the official release or can i install it and continue with my project?

    Thanks for the help!

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    You're welcome !

    Well, it's dev and not even alpha, it might break at any time even though it should not. However you should check your schedule and the one for Qt 5.5 to see if it will be officially released before your own product/sofware

  • I just checked now and the plan is to be released on 5th of may... Do you suggest another way to load a model (3ds for example) and insert it in a Qt widget?

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    Are you referring to the release date of 5.5 or yours ?

    In any case, depending of your needs, the current Qt3D module might fit

  • No, actually i'm still using the last released 5.4.1 version. I tried before with the 5.4.0 to load the Qt3D examples but always getting errors, i could using Assimp to draw a piramid but not to load a 3ds model. So now i'm looking for some 3d module in order to move a 3d model depending on some sensor movements, but i don't know which one use first (i saw Panda3D, Ogre...)


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    That I understood but the 5 may is the current release date of Qt 5.5 so I was wondering if your own release was matching that date or if you had find the roadmap of Qt 5.5

    This might also help you getting started

  • I tried that tutorial already, but the code links are broken and i couldn't able to make it working. About the Qt5.5, my project is almost finished and i would like to add this 3d feature, if finally is not possible i can add it after when the new Qt version is released, but i want to try more posibilites.

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    Ok, then IIRC Ogre was one of the first to have integration with Qt. However, depending on your needs, it might be a bit of overkill.

    One thing you can also do is notify ICS about the broken link

  • Ok, thanks a lot for the help!


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