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qpfs fonts are shown as squares only in Qml

  • My goal is to reduce load performance of a Qml application on an embedded device. One point is the used font (1.3 MByte on SD card). The QtCreator Profiler says the first Qml Text takes long than any following Qml Text element. Thus I assume the reason is the font loading. Any comments?

    I build makeqpf tool form Qt5.02. (it is not build-able in current releases) and created some *.qpf2 font files from my TrueType font files.

    But in any case is use the *.qpf2 fonts I see squares only.

    Any hints?

  • When I was confronted with black squares instead of text, this line

    renderType: Text.NativeRendering

    fixed it.

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    You can clone the qttools repository, the current 5.4 branch has the fix to build makeqpf

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