How to connect to my MDB from my Qt app?

  • Hi everyone,
    I created an MDB instance and a test app to test the connection with it. After setting up my ssh keys I managed to connect (I had to leave the database name field empty I am not sure why).

    What it is not cleat to me though is how does this all thing work.

    In order to connect to my database, I had to first connect using ssh via my terminal. I would not expect everyone using my program to have to do that, there must be a better way?
    I also had to create my ssh key and then paste it in the QtCloud console. How are others using my app be able to connect when they are not able to do that?

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    @ealione while this is not my home ground, the idea with MDB is that you connect it to your MAR instance to make a web app.
    Then you can have the MAR instance provide the interface to the database.

  • Indeed I believe thats the expected way to do it, thanks.

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