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Change for the sake of change?

  • Are you guys trying to set a record for the number of changes in website name?
    Honestly this is extremely annoying. Don't you realize people use links to forum discussions in threads? And don't you realize that if the website names keep changing all these hyperrefs become invalid?

    Also, I would like to thank whoever decided to hide behind an Html4 dropbown the QtCreator only download link. You just made it so much harder to find...

    And finally, thanks for wiping all the users/passwords from the previous generation of Qt forums. It's always a pleasure to have to create more accounts.

  • @tallia1 no, not for changes sake. We actually had to get to proper platforms.

    The forum redirects are coming, I'm just hesitant to turn them on on a Friday afternoon. It is something we spent a good deal of time thinking through.

    As for having to create new a password, sorry that was necessary, as there is no easy way to take those along without a security issue.

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