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QtwebEngine is not working on Embedded Linux with EGLFS plugin

  • Hello,

    I'm building Qt from Git (5.5 branch) after this commit. The reason why I'm using the repo instead an official Qt release is because I need a change that is not included in Qt 5.4, neither in Qt 5.4.1 (Fix the build on eLinux)

    I modified the Qt source code to:

    • Implement a EGLFS plugin to work with Broadcom chip.

    • Add fixes to avoid compiling errors with uClibc in QtWebengine.

    I have testing QWebEngine with the example: qtwebengine/examples/weben

    The user interface is shown on the screen when the application is launched and start to load the web site (, but the following trace appears and the application is aborted:

    [0126/] Check failed: value == EGL_SIGNALED_KHR || value == EGL_UNSIGNALED_KHR.

    I have reported the issue:

    Any ideas?

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