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Custom TextFieldStyle for iOS application

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    I would like to modify the style of TextField in an iOS application. Here is the code:

                TextField {
                    style: TextFieldStyle {
                            background: Item {

    That will clear the border of the text field. However, it will also unset the selection handle . It won't show the popup of "paste | select | selection all". That is not what I need.

    I have checked the source code of Qt. The parameter for selection handle is defined in QtQuick.Controls.Styles.IOS.TextFieldStyle , but they are private. I can not declare a TextFieldStyle to inherit iOS.TextFieldStyle.

    So my question is , what is the preferred way to modify the style of a control component for iOS platform? e.g copy the private header to my program?


  • Hi benlau,

    Unfortunatly, I don't think that there is a prefered way modify a style of a specific platform.
    What you could do (but it's really a hack) is something like this:
    import "qrc:/QtQuick/Controls/Styles/iOS" (or)
    import "file:/QtQuick/Controls/Styles/iOS"
    Remove the
    import QtQuick.Controls.Style 1.0
    This will import the iOS style objects and you can modify it like in your code above.

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    hi jseeQt,

    Thank for your reply. Too bad , it don't have any preferred/standard method.. I don't mind for a hack solution. However, my code is not executed in iOS only. It also run on desktop / Linux for preview and automated test.

    The desktop build won't bundle those qml files into qrc. That means the import path of desktop and iOS will be different. I still need a way to detect the location of qml plugin , inherit the TextFieldStyle and modify it.

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