Configure:file not found while static linking Qt 5.4 project in linux

  • I have an application which i want to deploy using static linking.I am using Qt 5.4 and ubuntu.I learnt that to deploy my application i have to bulid qt statically using the following code
    @cd /path/to/Qt
    ./configure -static -prefix /path/to/Qt <other parameters>
    make sub-src@

    i have Qt installed in home/Qt5.4.0

    When i run the above code it says that @ configure:no such file@

    When i check the Qt directory there is indeed no configure file.I could only find @configure.prf@

    in Qt5.4.0/5.4/gcc_64/mkspecs/features/

    this may be novice but how should i deploy my application now?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Maybe a silly question but did you first download Qt's sources ?

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