Why modifying GUI from worker thread does not rise access violation

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    I tried to update a GUI from a worker thread and strangely no exception is caught and the GUI is modified normally. However, I have randomely some access violation from Qt5GUI.dll.

    I want to know if that is possible ( that modifying a GUI from background thread may work ) and please explain me how the access violation occurs is this case.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Yes it is possible. Nothing stops from you doing this. Can you tell me the run time error you hit when access violation happens ? It must be failing with 'sendEvent(...) method when you access the UI from other thread.

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    Modifying the GUI from a worker thread is not an access violation. However, it often causes data corruption. Qt's GUI classes are not "synchronized":http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/threads-synchronizing.html so it is not safe to modify them from different threads.

    Your worker thread should do one of the following:

    Emit a signal, to run a slot in the GUI thread, OR

    Use QMetaObject::invokeMethod() to run a slot in the GUI thread

    [quote author="Dheerendra" date="1425395696"]Yes it is possible. Nothing stops from you doing this.[/quote]No it's not. See the "documentation":http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/threads-qobject.html -- "GUI classes, notably QWidget and all its subclasses, are not reentrant. They can only be used from the main thread."

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