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DLL created with Qt used in VC++

  • I have created some DLL in Qt using MSCV 2012 64bit.

    The DLL use Qthreads, signals and slots. So I added an instance of QCoreApplication in the dll.

    Everyting works ok if I use C# or python. However, if I use Visual C++, the timers don't work, and I guess the threads do not work either.

    Any help would be apreciated.

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    U mean to say u r using the exported class in VC ?. It shud not matter. It shud work as is. I have used thread earlier. I remember it working. I have not used timers.

  • I found the problem. When using a console the main function returns and the program exit.

    For the QCoreApplication to do its magic, the main function of the console app must return. I built a GUI app instead and it worked.

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