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How to set QDateTimeEdit's Section using KeyPad (emulated by GPIO)

  • hi,all:
    I emulate GPIO as 12 Keys[0~9,*,#] in embedded linux without TouchScreen.
    In the GUI a QDateTimeEdit is used, it displays as "2011-04-18,12:22:30".
    as there is no more key I can use, I have to emulate key2,8,4,6 as up/down/left/right.
    Now I can use 4/6 to change the Section In QDateTimeEdit, implementing with qdatetimeedit->setCurrentSection().
    However, for example, when it moves to the YearSection,2011, how can I use KEY_UP(actual is key2) to increase the year?
    thanks a lot.

  • i have figured it out, use stepDown() and setpUp() slot.

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