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Qt App on Raspberry Pi 2

  • Hello,
    For now I have developped an application on windows with Qt creator.
    I would like to deploy this application on a raspberry pi.
    What is unclear to me is if I can just "compile" on windows with ARM target, etc ... or if I need to install Qt on the raspberry Pi and compile from there.

  • Normally you get the compiler tool chain for the target device and compile it on something more suitable (desktop computer).

    You could try the other route (compiling on the device) but I suspect you will find this a painful experience. I wouldn't recommend this unless it is very small and you have a compiler installed on the device (usually you don't).

    I don't have any suggestions for the tool chain (before you ask). I suspect there are GNU/Linux versions out there but I am not sure about Windows.

    You will probably need to compile Qt from source. I don't think there is a pre-compiled version for ARM.

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    You can compile Qt on the Raspberry Pi 2 like you would on the version one, and it should be a bit quicker since the processor is a bit bigger. However it would be indeed faster to cross-compile Qt but you should consider doing it from a Linux virtual machine: it's less hassle to setup.

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