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QtQuick 2 for NaCL

  • I am one of the developers in the WebChimera Project ( ) which is a browser plugin based on Vlc + FireBreath + Qt Quick 2/Qml.

    We have been getting a lot of questions these days about NPAPI deprecation in September for Chrome, so I was hoping to get some insight about if Qt Quick 2 will be available for NaCL, if this is even in the planning stages or development on this has already started.

    Also, if there is a page where we could stay up to date on the recent advances of Qt Quick 2 for NaCL as our plugin's future in Chrome is dependant on it's availability.

    Thank you in advance

  • @jaruba take a look to this repository, it seems to target QtQuick for NaCL, I'm trying to test It and I'm not really sure if it does. I'm also interested in running a simple QML/QtQuick app in the chrome browser. Please let me know if you have any working example for that purpose.

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    There was an official porting effort ongoing, but it stopped several years ago. I think the link provided in the previous post is the only active-ish project to port Qt to NaCL.

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