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[SOLVED] Simple question about rcc

  • I have a simple question. I read this about the rcc system:
    But I don't understand where I can extecute this command to register the resource in my binary:

    @rcc -binary myresource.qrc -o myresource.rcc@

  • Just Add the following line to your pro file

    RESOURCES += pathToYourqrcFile.qrc

  • Are you sure? Isn't the second step after register the resource?

    This is the error message:

    bq. No rule to make target 'resource_images.qrc', needed by 'debug/qrc_resource_images.cpp'. Stop.

  • Did you clean your project and did a clean qmake ?

    is the path to your qrc file correct ?

    it must be relative to your pro file!

    For Example if your pro is in your project folder :


    And your qrc file is in an extra folder (eg. Resources):


    In your pro file it must be :

    @RESOURCES += Resources/yourqrc.qrc@

  • Hey, thank you for your time. Now its working. I forgot Xml tags in my qrc file.

    @<!DOCTYPE RCC><RCC version="1.0">


  • But i don't think that was causing the error :
    @No rule to make target ‘resource_images.qrc’, needed by ‘debug/qrc_resource_images.cpp’. Stop.@

    It is always a good idea to delete you build folder and run a clean qmake.

    That solves much of errors.

  • Ah okay. Yeah I cleaned my project in same step, so maybe you are right. :)

  • Okay I have one more question. It works well with my images. But now i tried to create a resource of my database and I can't connect to it. Isn't it possible with a sqlite database?

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