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Qt Creator doesn't stop at breakpoints

  • I just installed Qt Creator 2.0.1 on Windows 7. I have an open source application that I have built using Qt Creator, but when i set breakpoints and run in debug mode, the debugger doesn't stop at the breakpoints. I am new to Qt in general, where do I start looking to figure out why this is not working?

  • Hi riahrens,
    you have 3 buttons on the buttom-left.

    The first is to run/build it normal.
    The second is the one for debugging.
    and the third is to only build the app.

    You need the second button or press "F5".

  • Unbelievable! I've been trying everything for the past 3 days and never tried that- why is this different from the "Start Debugging" option under the "Debug" command at the top? Thanks a lot!

  • Had the same 'problem' here.
    I didnt look properly to :)
    Happy debugging!

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