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QT audio RTA application for Symbian ^3 [REQ]

  • Dear All,

    I just got a Nokia N8 smartphone (Symbian ^3).
    I'm looking for an audio RTA application (20-20000 Hz 1/3 octave analyser).
    The only one I could trace is the Phonature HandDee Spectrum Analyzer (HandDee-SA) (, but this application refuses to install on N8. I contacted the developer for an update of this application, but Phonature remains silent.

    I also traced the Gareth article "QtMultimedia in action: a spectrum analyser" (, which seems to me a good start for a complete audio RTA application.
    However, I am not a developer and cannot proceed further on this good basis.

    I'm wondering if Gareth or another developer further developed this project and finally achieved a 20-20000 Hz 1/3 octave RTA application (.sis for Symbian ^3) , and could feed me with such application, or send me a tutorial to modify Gareth's project: just addition of 1/3 octave 31 bands 20-20000 Hz display + RTA mode + input level control + latency setting would be sufficient for me at this stage.

    (my computer: MacMini 3,1 - 2,53 Ghz - 4 Go RAM - 320 Go HDD - Mac OS X 10.6.7 fully updated - Xcode 4.0.2)

    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

  • The project hasn't been updated since 2003, the project is shareware and it was originally for Symbian 7.0 UIQ. I don't think there is a chance this app to run on your phone.

    I will take a look at the second link.

    /off Both of the links are not very correct ;)

  • @secretNinja

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    As far as links are concerned, I face the same problem as you are to open same directly from my post. However, copying the links and pasting same in address bar of my web browser (Safari 5.0.5) is working ok.

    Best regards.

  • Any development on this RTA project?
    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

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