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Qml and qdoc using windows command prompt

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with generating documentation from comments in the qml-code my

    myApp.qdocconf is like this

    @# Documentation configuration.

    project = myApp

    description = My Application

    url =

    version = 0.0

    qhp.projects = myApp

    qhp.myApp.file = myApp.qhp

    qhp.myApp.namespace = myApp

    qhp.myApp.virtualFolder = myApp

    qhp.myApp.indexTitle = myApp

    qhp.myApp.indexRoot =

    qhp.extraFiles += style/online.css

    sourcedirs += . \

              Applications/myApp/Components \

    sources.fileextensions += *.qml

    imagedirs += Applications/myApp/Pictures

    outputdir = doc

    ...........Bunch of style commands

    When docs are generated by

    @qdoc.exe myApp.qdoconf@

    I get some errors

    @warning: Unknown command \qmlmodule
    qdoc: warning: No documentation for 'global'


    I dont understand those errors. Can someone enlighten me??

  • This seems to cause the first error.

    \qmlmodule FlippableComponents

    This module has some example components that flip a button on a click.

    We extend upon this example during the course.

  • @Zarkon
    May i know how did you generate QDoc configuration file? I see the description here but not able to understand it. where should i run the cmd prompt in windows?
    eg: all my project files are in this location C:\Qt\Lely\LelyUI4> and i opened a cmd promt here. now what to do ? Thanks

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