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Emergent_ How to connect the WiFi (Direct) point by QTcpServe?

  • I have a wi-fi flash drive. It looks like usb.

    I can use wifi (from MAC or iPad Air) to connect to the usb and upload file by its Mobile App(only try iPad Air).

    The file will be save in the sd Card. Hence, I must insert the micro SD card before use.

    The Internet is not working when using its wifi function.But my phone can connect to the usb drive.

    I want to write a code to connect to its wifi point. How to do ?

    I try QTcpSocket but it is not working.(Only using Client part).

    my code :
    blockSize = 0;
    What is the ui->hostLineEdit->text() and ui->portLineEdit->text().toInt() ?

    It will show " " when i type "natstat" in terminal in my macbook pro.

    I am not sure if the WiFi is WiFi-Direct point.

    The firm tell me that your phone can connect to the usb drive when your phone have wifi....

    B2Qt Wifi Module, Bearer Management , QTcpSocket and QUdpSocket....

    Which function should I use to connect to the usb drive?

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