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LibEGL and libGLESv2, what is their effection and which dll require them (eg. QtCore.dll) ?

  • i write a simple Qt application, and when i deploy it. i found that these 2 dll (libEGL and libGLESv2) are nessesary. what are their effect, and do they only appear when i install the qt_xxx_opengl SDK?
    thank you !

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    QtQuick module (and the upcoming Qt3D module) require OpenGL 2.0 or higher: the DLLs you've seen help in providing that functionality. Qt can use native OpenGL from your system, or indirectly (through Angle project, so leveraging the DirectX drivers).

    QtCore does not depend on OpenGL. QtGui module might depend on it (the dependency can be dropped when OpenGL is disabled in Qt configuration flags - but that can only be done when compiling Qt from source).

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