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Decorating a line edit

  • Hi
    My boss has seen that some applications show a small icon in the corner of some editable fields and has asked if I can implement something similar.

    Can anyone give me some hints on how to achieve this?

    many thanks

  • Maybe a subclass of QLineEdit with a custom paintEvent().

    if the text is empty then you can display an icon, gray text, or any kind of suitable background. If not, just have a normal display.

    Something along these lines might work (didn't try it):

    void MyLineEdit::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *event)
    // this will draw the control normally

    // get the rect of the editable part
    QRect rect = this->editable_rect();

    QPainter painter(...);

    // draw highlight color
    // draw icon
    // draw gray text

  • Moderators

    If, apart from looking pretty, the icon is also suppose to do something when clicked it's more convenient to do something like this:

    QIcon icon = ... //get it from anywhere
    QAction* action = someLineEdit->addAction(icon, QLineEdit::LeadingPosition);
    connect(action, &QAction::triggered, /some slot/);

    The second param of addAction determines the position of the icon inside the lineedit. It also supports multiple actions and icons, positions and clips the text etc..

  • Thanks
    I will give it a go

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