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Access to a html file with embeded QWebChannel code from the exterior

  • Hi,

    regarding the use of QWebChannel, I have some questions that I couldn't find on my searches and readings of the official documentation:

    • is it neccessary to install a webserver (apache, mongoose, etc...) in order to access to the html web (the client) from another machine on the exterior?

    • is there some option to create an executable with the C++ logic and an integrated webserver, to connect it from another point of the network? (like does "Wt":

    • If not, which webserver do you recommend in terms of simplicity, usability, resources consumption, etc... in a Windows enviroment?

    Thanks a lot for your answers!

  • For accessing Webpages you have qtWebKit ( see the related Parts of the Documentation )

    For serving Webapplication see "QtWebApp HTTP Server in C++":

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