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QML MouseArea signal onPressed is not avaible for signals forwarding

  • Hi everyone, I hava a problem. I need to forward signals from one MouseArea to another one. I have read, that forwarding could be made using method connect of appropriate signal. I have successful made connection for signals onClicked and onReleased:
    but when i trying to connect onPressed:
    I have: TypeError: Result of expression 'pressed.connect' [undefined] is not a function.
    How to make forward for this signal?

  • Hello!

    Sorry for bringing this topic out of its grave, but I am facing the same problem...
    The explanation seems straight-forward: there is a "pressed" property on the MouseArea, and I believe it is hiding the "pressed" signal... yep, but how can we get an access to this signal? (in my case, it is not to forward it but to fire it programmatically)

    DmT021, did you find a solution to your problem?

    Thanks everyone!

  • astorije, no, I didn't. I just redesigned code for using only clicked and released events. So, is this bug still haven't fixed?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the answer!
    No, it seems like this is still a relevant bug...
    I posted an entry in the Qt Bugtracker ( ), so wait & see...

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