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Error while trying Qt 5.4.0 sample HTTP Example

  • I get an error :-1: error: Exception at 0x7fefcde940d, code: 0xd: , flags=0x1 (execution cannot be continued) (first chance) while trying to compile the sample application without doing any modification

    Any pointers on how to solve this would be extremely useful.

  • Hi, when and where are you getting this Exception? Qt-creator Welcome->Examples->HTTP Example, then copy to project location and open, build, run. It's working fine for me. (Ubuntu 14.04)
    Are other examples working? And with which kit are you compiling (eg. Desktop QT 5.4.0 GCC 64bit, Android for armeabi-v7a ....)?

  • Hi
    Thanks for reply
    It compiles executes , runs and gives the output fine , but after I close the
    application I get this message in the Issues tab
    I have tried it on 5.4.0 windows 64 bit visual studio 2013 compiler and 5.3.0 windows 32 bit it happens the same on both these

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