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Making custom Barseries, BarSet from QList<PointF> for ChartView

  • I am looking for a solution for positioning BarSet on ChartView in the X-axis direction from QList<PointF>.

    The problem is that you can only position BarSets to category points on X axis and cannot assign to exact qreal points.

    My only solution to the problem is to make N unnamed category on X axis, and then convert each QPointF.x() to the closest category index and show there the corresponding QPointF.y() value. If there is an index with no QPointF.x() converted to it there show the value 0 for QBarSet.
    The problem with this solution is that there is a division/resolution (N), and when you scroll the ChartView it can even cause further calculation to reposition all the BarSets.

    I am looking forward to a better solution for this problem, I don't think it is impossible, since we have BarSeries and many other kind of series and all of them are already close to be the solution for the problem, but none of them seems to be the perfect solution.

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