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Qt Creator as a debugging tool

  • Hi all.
    I am using Qt creator( v.Qt 5.2.1). I need this IDE only as building and debugging tool. At this stage my project does not requires Qt abilities and Qt libraries. So in my project there is pure C++ code without Qt using.
    My project is a Linux embedded project. For building usage Qt creator is great. It comlpile,build... But when I try to debug the appilcation... I meet troubles.
    First of all, if I understand correctlly, for my purposes(build and debug) I don't need Qt, which is build for embedded machine(ARM machine in my case). But after some failures to debug, I thought that it is a problem(Qt is not build for ARM machine) and I did it. Now I have Qt Kit looking perfect( no errors) in Kit. But still I cannot debug. When I going according manul "here": Debug > Start Debugging > Attach to Remote Debug Server, and I get compleetly no response.

    Guys, what am I doing wrong? Some hint,clue,direction...
    Thanks, Slava

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Are you sure your target does have gdb properly installed ? And also ssh ?

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