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Using Painter correctly in order to draw text.

  • Hi everyone,

    I was learning how to draw various things in Qt using painter when I arrived at the subject of text.

    What I did was something like this:;

    QRect rec(0, 0, 20, 30);
    //painter.drawText(rec, Qt::AlignLeft, "am");

    QTextDocument doc;

    doc.drawContents(&painter, rec);


    So as you can see I tried using "drawText" and QTextDocument.

    I noticed though that in my Mac the resulting seems better (by that I mean more crisp or antialised), while trying it on Windows the text seems more pixelated even though I set every flag I know


    Why is this happening?

    Also I could not find a way to alter the size of the text. Can someone tell me (or give me a link) a simple template on drawing and customising text using Painter?

  • I think this is related to several problems on windows.
    --> QGraphicsTextItem is using an QTextDocument internal

    Is there any reason you using QTextDocument.

    For simple Text you could for example draw it like :
    @QFont font("Arial",12);

    QTextOption opt;

    painter.drawText(QRectF(0,0,50,50),"This is yout text",opt);@

  • I see, thanks for the help and the link. I will admit its kind of annoying to have the text look like that on windows, in any case what can you do.


  • When you want the same look on windows and mac you can try to use setPixelSize on QFont :

    That will ensure that the font has the same size on different platforms.

    When nothing helps you could also try to generate a QPainterPath.

  • I will focus making the app look as I want it on unix, and the try to fix all the issues that may come up on windows. I did implement your suggestion, seems fine till now.

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