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How to access QAxObject property?

  • i have App that uses QAxObject
    and according to msdn :

    it have property SMBIOSBIOSVersion

    but i don't know how to access this property in qt without any external libs
    if i use "->property()" it just return QVariant(Invalid)

    why can't post my code ?
    every time i try it gave me error:

    "Oh, this looks like spam to us.

    Since your account is quite fresh we could be wrong. Try including only one URL into your post. Usually, hitting the back button will give you access to your post again. We're sorry for the inconvenience."

    it's Qt code main.cpp and untitled.pro
    any way the code is there

    win xp sp3
    vs 2010 sp1
    Qt 5.4.0

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