Auto Expandable Free Layout for Qt Creator

  • Hi everyone! I created a Layout Library and I think it's beautiful. With this library you can put any objects to anywhere on MainWindow. Therefore I'm sharing it in here.
    "Auto Expandable Free Layout for Qt Creator Tutorial ":
    "Download link ":

    I wish to be useful...

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    Hi, thanks for sharing.

    I don't mean to grumble, but it's not really a layout. With this you need to set a parent to all widgets and then add them to your class. Kinda doubling the effort. You could at least get the children automatically using children() method of the widget. Also, if somebody happens to actually setLayout() on the widget your class will stop working. The requirement for a connection is not very elegant either.

    If it's suppose to be a layout I would suggest to actually derive from QLayout and follow the behavior and API of the standard Qt layouts.

  • Thank you for your constructive criticism. But, ZLayout isn't same QLayout and it isn't need to be same. İt is a solution for Qt Design System. Name of "Layout" doesn't mean will be same. It focuses on usability.

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