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Displaying Colorful Screens Monochrome in QT 4.1 ?

  • Hi,
    There is an existing application. It is wanted me to convert existing colorful screens to monochrome display.
    Is there an easy way of this approach ? Or, Is there any class or event which already has this functionality ?
    Could you please help about this ? Is QBitMap class useful for this purpose ?

    Thanks in advance for the replies ,

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    Isn't that pretty much the same question as "here": ?

  • I just thought that monochrome is another issue . So, I've opened another issue. By the way, is there any proposal which indicates a gap says that those colors refer to black, and those colors refer to white for monochrome.I mean, when I give the related color as param, I should get back black or white according to this gap.

    Thanks in advance for the replies ,

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