OpenCascade embedded in Qt

  • How to embed OpenCascade in QOpenGLWidget?

    Moving from QGLWidget to QOpenGLWidget is giving to me a lot of problems, infact nothing shows except a black rectangle. I supposed this is because QOpenGlWidget (instead of QGLWidget) uses a FBO to render.

    I tried also to derive from QWidget and create my own QWindow as surface and my own OpenGLContext but I have bad results.

    Does anyone have examples explaining how to embed OC in QT?

    thank you

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Maybe this "project": or "this one ": might help you

  • Hi SGaist,

    thank you for the links you suggested me! They were very interesting and useful.

    Unfortunately they both use the WA_PaintOnScreen attribute that dosn't let me put semitransparent Widgets on the view (sorry for not having said this before)

    I tried to use createWindowContainer to let Opencascade render on a QWindow but the semitransparent widget appears below the view.
    In order to make widget overlapping i use a QGridLayout and make the widgets share the same cells.

    Now i'm tryin to create a QOpenGLFrameObject to bind the rendering pipeline but OpenCascade renders very bad. I think it's a question of different formats and context.

  • @IvanM1976 I don't know if it's relevant yet.

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