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  • Hello, I have two very simple questions about changing the font size.

    (1)I have managed to change the font size for my labels, but how do I go about changing the font size of the text inside my push buttons? The ctrl ++ and the ctrl scroll methods do not work for me.

    (2)Also, I have a QTextEdit box that will have information written inside it. What code can I use in my python script to adjust the font? As an example, here is part of the code that I need help with in terms of adjusting font size:

    def connectDevice(self):
    self.textEdit.setText('Device is Connected')

    The font size on the "Device is connected" portion is 9pt, but would like to change it to 28pt. What can I use to make that change?

    [edit: Added missing coding tags @ SGaist]

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can find "here": an example that should give you the base to perform modifications on your QTextEdit.

    As for the buttons, they follow your system values

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