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QSerialPort readyRead priority

  • Hi all, I have issue with emitting readyRead signal in QSerialPort. In my App I receive every 100 ms packet with 16B.
    All works well until GUI thread is not loaded. When I do something on GUI (just opening forms or something similar) the readyRead is emitted after 300 or 500 ms with 48 or 80 B. How can I force proccessing read data more offten. I tried move QSerialPort object to another thread with higher priority. The second attempt how to avoid this was calling read method after QTimer timeout signal (but always was read 0 B). Could someone tell me how to avoid this behavior. Thanks in advance. David

  • There was a recent QSerialPort post here where a bug was mentioned. Not sure it applies to your problem but you might search back in this forum looking at QSerialPort related posts.

    In that post there was something about GUI actions blocking SerialPort activity. I'm sorry I don't have the post or bug right handy. If I find it I'll update this post but it might give you some direction.

    I think the bug is supposed to be fixed in the next release of Qt.

  • Thank you for replay SysTech, yes I searched in the forum, but nothing helped me with this issue. If anybody will have notes, please write me. David

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