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QtCreator: IntelliSense

  • Hi

    in addition to C++ development, I'm using QtC to edit some C-like scripts.
    these are completely like C code just use not all advanced language features
    and also have a built-in API.
    So, the question is :
    e.g. I'm writing a script like

    @void main() {
    Table* t;
    t = DB_ExecSql("select * from table where ...");

    looks like a usual C code,
    and QtC highlights the syntax and builds the structure of variables, functions etc

    however this script uses a lot of functions built into script engine, e.g. DB_ExecSql above.
    I have a header file with prototypes of all these functions but can't add the include at the beginning of the source file like:
    #include "api.h"
    in this case the script won't work correctly. seems like a script engine does this inclusion by itself before execution.

    Is there way , in QtC , to use a headers included into the project but not included into source, to use a definitions from there for parameters tips , navigation etc?
    In Eclipse, was enough to add the headers to project and C parser in IDE used all available prototypes to perform syntax checking

  • In the main toolbar of an editor there's a button labeled with a hash mark ("#"). If you click that, you get a texteditor where you can enter extra code that won't be compiled, but interpreted as normal additional C(++) code for this file, including interpretation of preprocessor directive. You should be able to use that to tweak the code model's view of the world to your liking.

  • thank you for the idea
    however looks it doesn't work for me

    if I'm adding the line
    #include "my_api.h"
    to file directly it works fine - all types and functions are highlighted and intellisense also works fine with tips for parameters
    but if I'm moving this line to the box of additional preprocessing code
    nothing works

    I suppose that way works for compile time only, right?
    and doens't affect code model at edit time?

    or i'm doing something wrong...

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