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Qmake 5.3 vs 5.4 MS VS2013 project generation

  • Hi

    I am not sure its a right place to ask, but I recently found really interesting difference in qmake behavior between 5.3 and 5.4 versions and I am not sure it's a desired or is it a bug.

    In my projects I prefer to use:

    CONFIG -= flat

    to get a convenient hierarchical structure in resulted Visual Studio projects.

    Since version 5.4 for every header file which contains any QObject derived class = means has an extra custom build step there is a following difference:

    I attached only parts which are different in resulted .filers files.

    Version 5.3

    <CustomBuild Include="..\common\contacts\xcontact.h">
    <Filter>Header Files..\common\contacts</Filter>

    Version 5.4

    <CustomBuild Include="..\common\contacts\xcontact.h">
    <Filter>Header Files</Filter>

    As you may see, main difference is in <Filter> tag, so since 5.4 it doesn't contains full header path which leads to really weird look in the resulted project. Resulted project has all needed folders/groups but they are all empty except non QObject based classes. All other headers are properly Filtered.

    For cpp files all looks good.

    I will really appreciate any suggestions on this.


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