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A11y: QLabels not read by JAWS screenreader

  • I'm trying to make our application accessible with a screenreader. The blind colleague uses JAWS, therefore I use that for testing. Reading widgets that expect user input works quite well so far, but I'm having some trouble elsewhere:

    QLabels are not read at all. JAWS has a hotkey that should "read the whole window" (JAWS-Key + B), for our application that just reads the window title and nothing else. Everything I can focus directly via tabbing is read as well - which is of course not possible with labels.

    Probably related: We have some QWizards set up. There, the QWizardPage title and description texts are used to convey most of the information concerning the wizard page's purpose. Those texts are not read at all as well.

    I have a "minimal test case application": that has a label (not read), a button and a QLineEdit (accessibleName read fine for both). The button opens a wizard that has title and description (not read) and no further input widgets.

    Do accessible applications usually have all necessary information in input widget descriptions (therefore not needing labels) or am I doing something wrong?

    This is Qt 5.4 on Windows 8.1 with JAWS 16.

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