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How to create a Dll in Qt

  • Hi,
    I want to create a shared Dll in -QT- Qt.

    How to achieve this?

    Thanks & Best regards,

    It's called Qt not QT, QT is quicktime. Thanks, Gerolf, please read the notes on: before posting on top when creating a new topic.

  • Hi Monalisa,

    yes, it is possible. Which tool chain and OS do you use?
    In Qt Creator you just say:

    File ==> New File or Project ==> Other Project ==> C++ library

    there you can use Qt for sure

  • Hi Monalisa,

    In general you have to add the following line to the .pro file of your Qt project if want to to create a library:
    @TEMPLATE = lib@

    But the easiest way it to follow Gerolf's advice and Qt Creator will add this line to the .pro file automatically.

    Best regards,

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