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QtService and Windows 7

  • Hi. I'm trying to install controller example on Windows 7.
    When I run (using a console in Administrator mode)

    C:\qtservice\examples\contro\release>controller.exe -i "c:\qtservice\examples\contro\release\controller.exe"
    C:\qtservice\examples\contro\release>controller.exe -i c:\qtservice\examples\contro\release\controller.exe
    C:\qtservice\examples\contro\release>controller.exe -i .

    I obtain
    The service was not installed.
    The service was installed.
    The service was not installed.

    But doesn't work. Can you give me any suggestion?

  • As per your post, You are trying to install the service. Open the Service.msc and check whether the service is installed. After successfully installed the service, Start the service.

  • Sorry but the service does not exist.

  • For me, it is working without any problem. I can able to find two services like

    1. Interactive Services Detection
    2. Server

    If not check your administrator regarding permissions and things like that.

  • Is there a way to pass parameters on server installin? For example server01 -install socket=8080

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