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I need Help! please! Emulator Arrow keys

  • I want to do an emulator Arrow Keys to chose any Button on the same window, Please see the Photo, which i attached. Any Idead!!http://cdn04.trixum.de/upload2/105400/105383/1/1d37e421c3ef444a2acc69b47fd9ec231.jpg(Arrow Keys)!

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    Do you mean like the classic asdw keys in games ?

  • Unless I misunderstand this it shouldn't be too difficult.

    Create an array of buttons (say 26, broken into 5 rows, one row with only two buttons). The buttons are put into a grid layout according to how you want to set this up.

    The index of the active button will decide which one to decorate when it is re-drawn. Some sort of custom paint event to handle this would probably be the best.

    The Left/Right increment or decrement the active button index by 1.

    The Up/Down increment or decrement the index by the nominal number of buttons in a row (6 in the above example).

    Just make sure the index stays within the range (not less than zero or greater than the max index - 25).

    You would over-ride the keypressEvents() to capture this the keys.

  • Hallo SGaist,

    thanks alot for your answer, you are maybe right, i mean as remote control, there is many buttons, radioButton, time, lineEdite and others on the same Window and there is a Arrow keys.

    What i want it is to change date or name or any thing only throught this Arrow keys.

  • Hallo Rondog,

    thanks alot for your answer, your Idea is very good, but if i have some lineEdit or Radiobutton it would be diffecult.

    On the Window i should be able to set the time and change it and like this.
    I am looking for good Idea for all Widgets.


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