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Minimal [QGLWidget + ui] code

  • Hello Fellas, i started learning OpenGL2 recently and trying to understand how to implement it inside a Qt project, i know there are many tutorials and examples out there, but i didn't manage to find the minimal requirments (some kind of a "(0,0) dot" for an opengl in Qt) including both QWidget and QGLWdget (inside the previous).

    i ask for the shortest example for a code to implement that QGLWidget (empty, no need for geometry) to fit inside a .ui form, for Qt5. The simpler the better to understand. thanks in advance and cheers.

    (Linux btw)

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    I recommend using "QOpenGLWidget": from Qt 5.4. QGLWidget is now deprecated.

    See the "beginners' tutorial": for creating a widget project. Jump down to "Using Qt Designer", and replace the "Text Edit" with "OpenGL Widget".

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