Launching another application on button click on Mac

  • In my application on button clicked signal ,i have to launch another application (Skype).For that i use:
    @void Camera::OpenSkype()
    qDebug()<<"OPEN SKYPE";
    QString cmd = QString("open %1").arg("/Applications/");

    It does launches "Skype" but i am facing following issues:

    1)It launches Skype but through terminal,meaning a new terminal window is always opened.
    It looks kind of ugly,that on every button click a terminal is launched which then launches skype.
    Is it possible to get rid of this terminal. (Even if it appears momentarily and exit then also it is fine)

    2)After exiting the app ( in this case Skype ),the focus should return back to the app which launched it.

    Any help is appreciated

  • I was able to get rid of Terminal window by using "-a" in the open command

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