Qt GUI issue in RPI

  • Hello all,
    I am new to QT and my task is to make GUI for Raspberry pi ( with Raspbian OS ) i have qt 4 installed in x86 machine and libs in RPI.
    I am devloping application in my x86 and cross compiling on RPI .
    Initaly i made a QT app and it was working on RPI but now the application is compiling for RPI but GUI is not proper in RPI which is perfectly working on host machine ( same code ),

    1. I added a frames which is being seen in x86 machine but is not being seen in RPI,
    2. I added a push buttons and they were priveously working (they were respomd
      ing to clicking events ) but now they are not responding to clicks.

    So what i tried is Re-flashed RPI with new Image( Raspbian OS) but still facing same issues .
    So, Do anyone has an idea in which direction i need to dig ?
    Please ask me if you need more information .
    Any suggestons in this case would be appriceiable.
    Thank You !!

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