How much should I charge for a relatively simple app I am making for a client.

  • Its a sort of quiz app involving music. In which a user is asked to recognize notes. There will be about 15 levels. A single question involves playing a few notes, which a user is asked to recognize ( whether its C,D, E etc).

    There are presently only two screens planned. Start screen and the one which plays music and which has buttons that can be pressed.

    This is my first app, and I don't know anything about the costs. Rate per hour does not apply here cause it being my first app. Though I am an experienced programmer, this is practically my first Qt or even Android program. I can share a link privately to the basic version of apk, or a more advanced version later, if needed.

  • Wouldn't that depend on your location in the word? What is a decent rate for an engineer in Norway is not the same as the expected pay in India I think...

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