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A strange crash when exit Qt-based application in MAC

  • Anyone has any clues what could be root cause? My customers ran into the issue, but I cannot reproduce.


    0 qtgui QCocoaView selectedRange 0x16
    1 appkit NSTextInputContext_NSInputContext_WithCompletion selectedRangeWithCompletionHandler_ 0x42
    2 appkit NSTextInputContext tryHandleTSMEvent_offsetToPos_markedOrSelRange_withContext_markedOrSelRangeDispatchCondition_markedRangeContinuation_selectedRangeContinuation_continuation_ 0xD5
    3 appkit NSTextInputContext::handleTSMEvent_completionHandler_ block_invoke449 0x174
    4 appkit NSTextInputContext_NSInputContext_WithCompletion hasMarkedTextWithCompletionHandler
    5 appkit NSTextInputContext handleTSMEvent_completionHandler_ 0x9DE
    6 appkit NA __NSTSMEventHandler 0x144
    7 hitoolbox NA DispatchEventToHandlers 0x4EC
    8 hitoolbox NA SendEventToEventTargetInternal 0x182
    9 hitoolbox NA _SendEventToEventTargetWithOptions 0x2B
    10 hitoolbox NA _SendTSMEvent_WithCompletionHandler 0x1A1
    11 hitoolbox NA _SendTextInputEvent_WithCompletionHandler_block_invoke 0x255
    12 hitoolbox NA SendTextInputEvent_WithCompletionHandler 0x4B7
    13 hitoolbox IMKInputSession postEvent_completionHandler 0xB8
    14 hitoolbox IMKInputSession createAndSendOffsetToPointEvent_completionHandler 0x12C
    15 hitoolbox IMKInputSession attributesForCharacterIndex_andLineRect_completionHandler
    16 hitoolbox IMKInputSession attributesForCharacterIndex_completionHandler
    17 hitoolbox IMKInputSession::imkxpc_attributesForCharacterIndex_reply
    _block_invoke 0x1F6
    18 corefoundation NA _CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_BLOCK 0xC
    19 corefoundation NA ___CFRunLoopDoBlocks 0x155
    20 corefoundation NA ___CFRunLoopRun 0x38E
    21 corefoundation NA _CFRunLoopRunSpecific 0x128
    22 hitoolbox IMKClientXPCInvocation invocationAwaitXPCReply 0x1ED
    23 hitoolbox IMKInputSession deactivate 0xAA0
    24 hitoolbox NA _IMKInputSessionDeactivate 0x24
    25 hitoolbox NA _DeactivateInputMethodInstance 0x50
    26 hitoolbox NA _utDeactivateAllSelectedIMInDocIterator 0x57
    27 corefoundation NA _CFArrayApplyFunction 0x44
    28 hitoolbox NA _utDeactivateAllSelectedIMInDoc 0x83
    29 hitoolbox NA _MyDeactivateTSMDocument 0x144
    30 hitoolbox NA _DeactivateTSMDocument 0x40
    31 appkit NSTextInputContext deactivate 0x4D
    32 appkit NSTextInputContext currentInputContext 0xDF
    33 appkit NSView setWindow 0x35A
    34 appkit NSControl setWindow 0x9A
    35 appkit NSView removeFromSuperview 0x1C5
    36 qtgui NA qt_mac_destructView 0x48
    37 qtgui QWidget destroy 0x356
    38 qtgui QWidget ~QWidget

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