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QT 5.4 Mingw Error 0xc0000135 on Debug

  • Hi,

    we are getting the error "During Startup Program exited with code 0xc0000135" on Debugging in QT 5.4 Mingw. This only happens on computers with QT 5.4 VS installed before. QT 5.4 VS was uninstalled successfully.

    On Computers with a new Installation of Windows everything is working perfectly with QT 5.4 Mingw.

    i also wrote an E-Mail to QT one week ago without a reply :(

    Hope someone can help us. Thank you.

  • It seem, that the runtime is not set correctly.

    check the envirement, and if really all things from the QT-VS installation is removed.

    try to set path and lib enviroment in command line manually explicite then try to start.

  • Hi,

    i did the following steps:

    1.Uninstalled QT
    2.Checked the Environment Variables with the command "set"
    3.Deleted everything containing QT in the path variable
    4. Installed QT MinGW

    I´m just getting the same Error.

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