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Link 2 graphics Widgets

  • Hi guys...

    I'll like that you help me with some advices.

    I'm trying to make an application where I have to make something like a DB Designer, where I have some entities related between them, and I need, in a graphically way, represent this relations.

    Imagine that I have some tables which they are related (I said tables because is common imagine any gui designer tool for db), so, I need to make an object like a line to link one table with another, and if double clicked this object I need to show a dialog with all its properties...

    The link object is what I need to do and I'm asking for some advice to build this object... how can you recommend me to do that??

    thank guys

  • If I'm not mistaken this "example": should help.

  • thanks.... is exactly what I need... sorry for not see this example before.


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